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Girvi (गिरवी) - Manage Gold Loans & Customers

Manage your customer's gold loan like a pro.It helps you to identify the dues from customers and keeping everything in one place.

VISIT SITE - Girvi (गिरवी) - Manage Gold Loans & Customers

Girvi gives you a unique opportunity to manage your customer's gold loans in an effective manner. This application has the following features.


You will get a compact look of your customer's loans and their stats on this page. You can check how much loan you have given out totally, how much have received and how much is the balance amount which customers will pay. You can also see how much total gold weight (in GMs) customers have kept with you against the loan. You can also see the total interest amount due from all the customers, You can see how much interest you have earned till now from all the loans you have given. You can also see the loans whose tenure has been completed, and finally, there is a section for closed loans, which will be showing you all the loans which have closed by you.

Manage Customers

Create, Update, Search, Delete customers, when creating customer verify their phone number using OTP. When you search and view any customer you can check their all outstanding dues and all the loans which customers have in one look.

Manage Loans

Create, Update, Search, Delete, and Close loans. You can upload a photo of an item that is being kept by customers, which will help you to identify the item later when a customer wants to close the loan. You will get to see all the details of a particular loan on one screen. When you create a loan, details of that loan will be sent to the customer via SMS.

Loan Dues

Check interest amount dues in the "Dues" tab. This tab will show all the due amounts as per loan. Due is calculated from the start date of a loan and calculated till today's date. If the customer has paid some interest amount, then that amount will be deducted from due and will show the remaining due amount. If due id "0" for a particular loan that means the customer should not be paying any interest amount for that particular loan till next month.

Interest Payment

You can Create, Update, and Delete the interest amount paid by the customer for any particular loan. In idle condition, the customer needs to pay the interest amount every month for each loan (The interest amount for a month will be calculated as per principal amount and interest rate). But in a practical scenario, some customers tend to pay interest amount for 2to 3 months simaltaneiusly. For any of the above conditions, you will just have to go to that customer, select a loan, click on the "Interest" button, click on the "+" sign at the top right of the screen, select the date and enter the amount, and then tap on "Add Interest Payment". This will make an entry that will be immediately shown to you and customer will receive an SMS regarding payment details. Once customers start paying interest on their loan, make sure you are recording those transactions in the app. This will keep the app updated with the statistics and you can do your accounting more accurately.

Principal Payment

You can Create, Update, and Delete the principal amount returned by the customer for any particular loan. This means that customer is paying back full / any sum towards their loan. You can make an entry of this by searching a customer, selecting a loan, tap on the "Principal" button, then go and tap on the "+" button on the top right corner of the app. Here you will select the date and enter the principal amount paid by the customer. Once you make this entry customer will receive an SMS with the payment details. Now if you check the "Interest amount per month" section on the "Loan" page, then it will be either "0" or will be less than the previous amount, which is correct because the customer just paid some/full principal amount to you.


You will be getting the first 100 SMS for free from us, then if you want that your customers should receive SMS regarding their loans, or when you have to verify customer's mobile number using OTP, you will need to purchase additional SMSs from the account section of the app.


You will get the first two weeks free to try and test the app as you like. After that, you will have to buy our membership program by paying small fees. This will extend your membership by one year.

Login & Logout

You can log in using a one-time password (OTP) which will keep your data safe. Once you finish managing loans you can opt for logout.

Support - You can contact us at for any query or help.