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Technicul is a leading website development company with a team of professional website developers with profound experience and sound expertise in the domain. We pride ourselves for such a pool of web developers with an innovative bent of mind. As a professional website development company, we love every single line of code and are known for a proven track record of developing robust websites that take your online persona to another level altogether. Over the years, we have crafted beautifully designed and carefully coded, high-converting websites. We are committed to making your website development project a success by leveraging our immense potential to the core.

Core Services in Web App Development Solutions

Web Application

Backend Development

ERP Integrations

UI UX Design

Responsive HTML

Website Development

API Development

CMS Development

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Technologies We excel for Web App Development


Google JavaScript engine. Easier, fast and scalable web apps as a result, Good for real-time apps


Widely accepted, Great community support, Easy Developer availability, Upgrading is simple


Fast Web App Development with Microsoft backing it. Object-oriented programming which eliminates unnecessary codes and involves less coding for the developers


Speed up web application development without increasing project overheads


Reliable PHP framework works best for applications which needs to be done from scratch


One of the best framework NodeJs have, helps in fast-tracking development of server-based applications

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